Largometraje Documental

Dir Marie Jimenez
DP Sofia Marcos
Producción Fernando Santos
                      Guasabara Cine


During the Catalan independence referendum, Marie, a dominican filmmaker, documents the cultural identity of Sory, a small business owner, single mother and lesbian.

Despite becoming friends and after having agreed to being filmed from the outset, Sory turns away Marie’s camera from the hair salon when her son migrates illegally to Spain.

Marie returns to her country and turns the camera toward Lisset, Sory’s daughter. Lisset has to decide whether to move to Barcelona with her mother or to stay in Santo Domingo with her children. Amid flags and polarized societies, Marie exposes a family divided by frontiers more complex than those set up by the water that surrounds the island.


Fonprocine Production Fund Winner 2017


Lift-Off Global Network 2022 - First Time Session Filmakers
Ficmarc - Caribbean Sea International Film Festival 2022
FestCineRD 2021
Contra el Silencio Todas las Voces FF 2022